A Mango a day could help meet forty percent of fibre requirement

fibre rich mango Mangoes, apart from being tasty and delightful, are highly nutritious and are loaded with vitamins A, B and C, antioxidants, minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron. They also prevent cancer, says recent studies.

A study carried out by the Department of Surgical Oncology, Medical College in Kerala, found that mango consumption was associated with reduced risk of gall bladder cancer. To keep up the advice of eating five servings of vegetables and fruits a day, even just half a mango could serve one full portion.

Eating various kinds of fruits and vegetables is considered a better option, than sticking on to a few, suggests another study published in Journal of Nutrition. The study is based on the fact that a botanically diverse diet has more to do with greater anti-oxidant activity.

For carrying out this study, eighteen different family’s subjects were provided with eight to ten servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Researchers noticed that a variety diet, controlled unhealthy oxidation in the body, while also lowering the lipid peroxidation indicators (the damage that is usually caused to the cells through free radicals).

According to experts, a little of various nutrients is always better than getting lots of few nutrients.

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