Acupressure proves beneficial for Dementia patients

Regular Acupressure treatment helps in reducing the agitated behavior in Dementia patients, says Taiwanese researchers.acupressure therapy

Acupressure is a treatment that is done using points on meridians of the body, to heal the body and relieve pain, although noninvasive. This is done by employing pressure using fingers, thumbs and elbows and rarely electric currents, unlike acupuncture that uses needles. Acupressure helps in releasing tension in muscle fibers through application of focused pressure, and on releasing the blood is sent rushing back to the tissue. The Acupressure treatment helps in freeing blocked energy at certain points, while also promoting good health.

The study conducted on 20 dementia patients revealed that 15 minute sessions of acupressure given twice a day for five days a week, led to considerable improvements, and reduced wandering, and verbal and physical aggression.

During the sessions, every five key pressure points were pressed for two minutes, using about three to five kilograms of pressure. Each session lasted for four weeks. At the end of the treatment period, the agitation levels of the patient began to increase again, which suggests that dementia patients require Acupressure therapy on a continuous basis.

This result was published by the ╦ťJournal of Clinical Nursing in one of their issues.

The study co-author Professor Li-Chan Lin, of the institute of Clinical Nursing at National Yang-Ming University, mentioned in a prepared document, that the findings have an implication for future care of dementia patient. Lin agrees that the study shows that Acupressure proves to be an effective option, and that with training, it could be carried out as a long-term home care facility.


  1. You have shone 7 pressure pts. ??
    You have shone presss.pts only on left eye. Should both the eyes be pressed?? or only the left??

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