Acupuncture, specific-exercises could relieve pregnancy pains

Expecting moms experiencing back pain and pelvic pain have before them a variety of pregnancy pain treatments to choose from. Although the effects of Acupuncture and pregnancy-specific exercises and physiotherapy are effective, it remains unclear, whether these approaches can prevent pain even before it develops.

pregnancy pain remediesMore than two-thirds of women experience some degree of back pain during pregnancy, while nearly one-fifth suffer from pelvic pain. The pain increases with the advancement of pregnancy, and could interfere with daily activities. The possible suggestions to manage pain are various methods, which includes, frequent rest, special pregnancy exercise, hot and cold compress, massage, acupuncture, supportive belt, aromatherapy, chiropractic, relaxation, Reiki, herbs and yoga.

Canadian researchers at the Institute for Work and Health in Toronto, although, found no particular method to prevent onset of back or pelvic pain during pregnancy, they looked into eight studies that involved total of 1305 women, and compared the effects of various physiotherapy programs, pregnancy-specific exercises, acupuncture, use of special pillows and more.

They found that strengthening exercises, sitting pelvic tilts, water exercises etc., soothed the intensity of lower back pain. Stabilizing exercises and acupuncture were found to be much better than the usual care that was followed for relieving pelvic pain. As for women with both pelvic and back pain, there was evidence that acupuncture proved more effective than physical therapy.

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