Alopecia treatments

Several remedies are suggested for treatment of hair loss which include liberal intake of vitamins, consuming a diet rich in iron and proteins, including plenty of fresh veggies and fruits in ones diet, using relaxation techniques for overcoming insomnia, stress etc., preventing dandruff and fungal infections, and keeping hair tidy through regular cleansing.

alopecia hair loss treatmentsAyurveda considers Aromatherapy to be effective in treating alopecia, where essential oils are massaged into the scalp for stimulating the hair follicles and for hair growth. Certain essential oils used for hair loss in Aromatherapy include Bay, Grapefruit, Cedarwood, jojobal oil, lemon, lavender, rosemary, roman chamomile. Two drops of these essential oils can be added to the water used for rinsing hair or to a vegetable oil, and can be massaged on to the scalp and a warm towel can be tied around the hair for effective absorption of oils. Wait for two to three hours before washing, or leave it overnight. A mild herbal shampoo can be used for hair wash.

Six drops each of lavender and bay essential oils can be added to either an almond, or sesame or soybean oil and massaged into the scalp and left aside for absorption for a minimum of twenty minutes. A few drops of Bay essential oil can also be added to the shampoo used for regular hair wash.

Two drops each of Thyme and atlas cedarwood essential oil, three drops each of lavender and rosemary essential oils, half a teaspoon of jojobal oil and four seeds of grapeseed oil should be mixed thoroughly. This mixture can be regularly massaged into the scalp every night followed by warm towel wrap and a hair wash. Reports by dermatologists in Scotland have indicated that after seven months of this treatment for patients with alopecia, there was considerable improvement in their condition and a few of them even grew all of their lost hair and hence is considered an effective treatment for alopecia.

Rosemary oil should however be avoided in case of patients with high blood pressure, and grapefruit and lemon should be used only minimally for patients with sensitive skin.