Alternative Therapies combats tiredness and builds muscle strength

Power Yoga is now the new addition on the fitness block. A full-fledged workout is said to improve muscle strength and flexibility, while also helping one to build stamina and shed those extra kilos.

Power Yoga, combines the traditional Suryanamaskar with weight training and functional aspects. Apart from being a great stress buster, it strengthens the core, i.e., lower back and abdomen. A study conducted by the University of California reveal that yoga, when practiced for few hours a day, regularly for eight weeks, helps build muscular strength by 31%.

BKS Iyengar, the reputed Yoga maestro suggests Uttasana to build up energy reserves and combat tiredness.

Uttasana Procedure:

  • Stand erect with body kept straight, feet together on the flat floor. Raise arms with palms facing outwards straight above the head.
  • Exhaled, bend forward from waist so that the body forms a right angle from the waist and the hands point to the floor.
  • Bending further, place the palms on the floor, in front of the feet. Now stretch the thighs, and back of the knees gently.
  • Slide the palms so as to take them behind the heels. Raising the palms, apply pressure on the fingers and thumbs.
  • Exhale, move torso close to the legs. Stretching further move the head down so as to touch the knee. Hold on the pose for about 20 to 30 seconds while continuing to breathe evenly.
  • Repeat the asana twice, stretching as much as possible.

Also, a common problem such as tiredness could be tackled through alternative therapies such as Reflexology. A Delhi-based therapist Namitha Unnikrishnan mentions that Reflexology brings about a deep state of relaxation that helps body to disconnect from the daily stress factors. The hormonal and nervous systems get rejuvenated.

Other alternative treatments worth trying are the herbal oil massages, the Aromatherapy (wherein a light essential oil such as Patchouli or Lavender are lit up in a burner in the room) or Hydrotherapy (wherein the person is made to soak himself in a hot tub, and oils and soothing salts are added to the water to relax the muscles).

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