Alternative Therapy beauty regimens gaining popularity in India

bach-flowerHi-tech skin therapies and hair care therapies were earlier considered to be too alternative to go for. But with change in attitudes, at present, there are a plethora of new age beauty regimes that are not too expensive, and which can also be done in India. Heres a brief about the latest alternative beauty techniques doing rounds in the beauty circuit.

Bach Flower essence remedies: Considered good in treating stress, the major cause of all beauty problems such as premature graying, adult acne, mature skin, mature wrinkles, pigmentation etc. The flower remedies were initially devised by pathologist and bacteriologist, Dr. Edward Bach. His study revealed that this particular flower essence stimulates resistance to stress and disease.

At present, extracts from flowers such as geranium, ylang ylang, tuberose, rosemary and marigold are dropped on energy points such as forehead, tongue, wrists, lips, soles and palms, or even added to bath water, body lotion or moisturizer.

Songyi Mushroom Therapy: Apart from being used for skin whitening, the Singapore Songei mushrooms comprise a vital ingredient that inhibits excess melanin formation. The color improvement therapy now makes use of the micro encapsulated particles comprising a natural F Factor, in specially cultured Songei mushrooms. Together with Dermosonic powdered current, the extract penetrates into the second layer of the skin. This provides a clear, fairer skin tone which lasts for more than 45 days.

Glycolic Peels: Glycolic peels are the most common skin peeling treatment for acne, scars and pigmentation. These are also called Ëślunch-break peels, as this could be done in less than an hour. The sugarcane fruit acids, together with lactic acid, burns off the top-most layers of the skin, encouraging complete surface skin desquamation, without long term scabbing or redness. The fruit, could be applied on skin and left aside for two minutes, and then rinsed. To soften the burning sensation, aloe gel is applied. Six to eight peels, gives a baby soft fresh skin.