Amalakai / Amla (Indian gooseberry)


Amalaki/ Amla (Indian Gooseberry) is also known as Dhatri (the nurse) in sanskrit due to excellent healing properties. It is considered as the strongest rejuvenator in Ayurveda.  

The fruit has a high content of vitamin C, even 20 times as much as oranges. It is a powerful herb and has excellent rejuvenating power and is used in plenty of ayurvedic preparations. It has been used in ayurvedic medications for curing diseases like peptic ulcer, anorexia, hyperacidity, anaemia etc.

Amla, the fruit of Amalaki plant, improves body metabolism and is a rich source of vitamin C. It is particularly good for bones, liver, teeth, and heart. It increases the red blood cells and promotes tissue growth. Apart from improving eyesight, it relives stomach and colon inflammation, and regulates the blood sugar levels.

Amalakki is also a good laxative, astringent, an anti-pyretic and good tonic for brain and nerves. Because of its tremendous medicinal value, it is useful in treating acidity, anaemia, anorexia, heart diseases, jaundice, haemorages and troubles pertaining to genital and urinary tracts. It is a di-uretic and provides relief when used as a medication for dyspepsia and other metabolic disorders.

The powdered form of dried amla is considered an excellent medication for ulcers, hyperacidity and other impurities in blood. It can be taken internally (as decoction) and externally applied as a paste. Due to its haemostatic properties, amla fruit when taken twice a day with giloy satva (an extract of tinosporia cordifolia) helps in treating bleeding piles and epistaxis.

Amla juice when taken by adding a few drops of honey, improves appetite, treats liver problems and hence is used in treating viral jaundice. Amalaki Rasayan used as an Ayurvedic tonic is made by stirring dried powdered Amla in fresh amla juice for 3 weeks and used for treating various diseases during their convalescence period. It is also considered to be an effective anti-ageing formula in traditional Ayurveda.

Other Ayurvedic preparations in which Amla is used are Chyawanprash (Where amla is the key ingredient), Triphala, Brahmarasayana, Dhatri Loha etc. The flowers, fruits and bark of Amalaki are also of medicinal value and its twigs are used for dyeing and tanning.
Due to such innumerable medicinal value of this herb, it is aptly called The Kalpa Vriksha of the bygone days.

Amla also is an excellent diuretic, an aphrodisiac and a good cardiac tonic.

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