Antioxidant-rich fruit-punch controls five types of Cancer

Dr. Jas Singh, the University of Sydney researcher, and his team, tested a fruit-punch, loaded with anti-oxidants, which effectively killed five different cancer cells in mice.

Researchers claimed that Dr. Reds Blueberry Punch significantly reduced bladder, breast, prostate, stomach and colon cancer cells, within just two weeks after treatment in mice.
Dr. Singh commented that the drop was very significant in cell numbers, and the greater the concentration of the dose, the greater was the reduction in cancer cells.

Although three glasses of fruit punch were being used per day for the study, the researchers recommend consumption of minimum 25ml per day. The fruit punch that was used for the study contained a range of rich anti-oxidants that included ginger, turmeric juice, pulp of lemons, oranges, mandarins, grapes, grape skin and grape seed, tarragon and plenty of blueberries.

The researchers are now all set to conduct human trials in partnership with Queensland researchers.

The Queensland Researcher, Prof. Lindsay Brown says that the entire ideal to employ natural food in tackling tumour is very appealing, and simple, rather than creating a drug by isolating a single food molecule. Instead, why not use a combination of whole foods as a treatment regime, he asks.