Apple, Soy, found to be effective Cancer fighters

The humble fruit Apple, already known to fight several illnesses, has a new addition to its list now. Polish researchers have discovered that eating the fruit daily could cut down the risk of developing bowel cancer by more than a third, while, consuming two unpeeled apples on a daily basis could halve the chances of getting the disease.

When conducting the study, Polish researchers at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, questioned 592 patients with bowel cancer about their diet and lifestyle. When these results were compared to those from more than 700 cancer-free volunteers, it was found that the cancer-free volunteers ate more apples than those diagnosed with bowel cancer.

“Although vegetables or fruits have not shown beneficial effects on risk of bowel cancer, a reduced risk of 35 percent was seen in people who consumed atleast one apple a day. Moreover, when more than one apple was consumed, risk is reduced by about 50percent,” the researchers confirmed.

Apple, when eaten with its skin on, is a good source of fibre, and when more than 30gm of fibre is consumed per day, several cases of bowel cancer could be prevented, states World Cancer Research Fund.

Meanwhile, researchers in California have found that Sphingadienes (SDs), the natural lipid molecule found in Soy, could become a major ingredient in treatment of colon cancer.

The study lead, Dr, Julie Saba, Senior Scientist and Director at Cancer Center at Childrens Hospital Oakland Research Institute, together with the team, found SDs in the fruit fly, used to study genetics of human disease, and discovered higher levels of SDs in the fruit fly led to death of mutant cells.

Although these are preliminary findings, the researchers point out that Soy could be a cancer killer, as it is rich in SDs.

According to the researchers, by revealing how SDs exert their effects, it also helps in finding out the best combinations of drugs that could work synergistically in preventing cancer cells and mutant cells that could lead to cancer.