Apple, watermelon keeps heart diseases at bay

Eating an apple a day can help cut down the risk of heart diseases, a new study has found. When the blood levels were tested, the ratio of a substance linked to hardening of arteries people who consumed at least one apple a day for four weeks, were found to be 40 percent lower than those who never consumed apples.

However, when capsules containing polyphenols, a type of antioxidant found in apples, were given, there was a similar, but not as large an effect.

According to researchers at the Ohio State University, apples had the ability to lower oxidised LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein). When LDL cholesterol interacts with free radicals to become oxidised, it promotes inflammation, causing tissue damage.

Lead researcher of the study, Robert DiSilvestro, Professor of Human Nutrition at the Ohio State University, explained that daily apple consumption is considerably more effective in lowering oxidised LDL, in comparison to any other antioxidants, including green tea, curcumin and tomato extract.

Meanwhile, another recent study by researchers from the Purdue University in the United States reveals that eating a slice of watermelon a day can offer protection from heart diseases and weight gain, by preventing the build-up of LDL.

The study showed that the fruit helps in controlling weight gain, resulting in fewer fatty deposits inside blood vessels.

According to researchers, the secret behind watermelons health-boosting properties is citrulline, a chemical found in the juice. Previous studies have suggested that citrulline has a role to play in heart disease prevention by lowering blood pressure too.

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