Asparagus, garlic in daily diet helps shed weight & control diabetes

Including food like asparagus, artichokes and garlic in daily diet, can help shed excess weight, while also helping to keep blood sugar levels under control, revealed a recent study.

Researchers have noticed that a diet rich in fermentable carbohydrates such as garlic, asparagus and artichokes can suppress hunger, while also helping the body in regulating blood sugar levels.

The reason behind this could be because these foods prompt the release of gut hormones that reduce appetite. They enhance the sensitivity to insulin, thereby leading to better glucose control.

A Dietician at Imperial College, London, Nicola Guess, also the study lead, said on investigating the appetite and glucose level control in people with Type 2 Diabetes, it is hoped that there will be a way out to prevent its onset

Therefore, if the study has been successful, it can be determined if such fermentable carbohydrates can form an effective and affordable health intervention, to reduce an individuals risk of developing diabetes.

Currently, the Charity Diabetes UK is funding research into the health benefits of such foods. If found effective, the finding could be used as treatment for obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

An earlier study by the Leicester University had revealed that eating green leafy vegetables, including Broccoli, kale, spinach, cabbage and sprouts, on daily basis can cut the risk of Type 2 diabetes.


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