Asthma treatment in Ayurveda

asthma remedies in ayurvedaDue to todays modern urbanized lifestyles, excessive pollution and rapid industrialization the number of patients suffering from Asthma is fast increasing. Reports suggest that at least 15% of Indian population and 10% of U.S. population suffer from Bronchial Asthma every year. These days more and more of such patients are turning towards Ayurveda remedies, due to the holistic approach followed by Ayurveda wherein apart from treating the disease without any side effects, measures are taken to find the root cause of the disease and prevent it.

Asthma is referred to as Swas Roga in Ayurveda. From an Ayurvedic perspective, the kapha dosha combines with ˜pranavayu leading to obstruction in the respiratory passage (called ˜pranavaha srotasa in Ayurveda) causing a condition called as ˜Swas Roga or Asthma.

There are various non-allergic and allergic factors that cause Asthma like diet, excessive exposure to smoke and dust, working in excessive cold or hot temperatures, over-exercising, emotional tensions, other disorders in lungs or throat or hereditary factors.

A few Ayurvedic remedies and home preventive tips are mentioned here:

  1. A few common medicines as suggested in Ayurveda are Sitopaladi choorna, Vasavleha, Swaskuthar ras etc. During Asthma attacks, Rasayana Chikitsa is given to the patient. It is also advised that Asthmatic patients can go in for a Panchakarma, especially vaman chikitsa before the onset of monsoon.
  2. Honey is one of the most effective remedies used for treatment of Asthma. During bouts of Astma, just holding a jug of honey beneath the nose and inhaling the air in contact with honey helps in easier breathing and provides temporary relief from Asthma. When consumed internally with equal parts of dates, black resins and pippali, it acts as a good lung tonic by thinning out the accumulated mucus and eliminating it from the respiratory system.
  3. When five grams of Indian gooseberry or Amla is mixed with one table spoon of honey and consumed, it acts as an expectorant, and is an effective medicine for Asthma.
  4. During Asthmatic attacks, massaging mustard oil with camphor over the chest will loosen the mucus and help easy breathing. Simultaneously, inhaling steam with a few caraway seeds added to boiling water will help in dilation of bronchial passage.


  1. My son also has severe asthma and I have taken him off of all steroids and we are trying many natural remedies. We have recently come across the Buteyko method and so far so good! Please go to the web site by typing in Buteyko. Best to you. Jennifer

  2. Dear Sir,

    I am 34 Years old suffering from Allergic Asthma and Allergic Rhinitis. I am from kerala, working in Dubai. Only in cold season it became more severe. Other climate , I can make it control. Please prescribe a better treatment to cure this disease or how to control it.

    I have constipation and mouth ulcer will come very two week time. I think these are realted to my Asthma. Please send us your prescription by email to me.

  3. I am 30 old men from kerala and working in dubai.My problem is that I cannot adjust with cold and dusty atmosphere when this atmosphere it is very difficult to breath at the morning(think asthma), water from nose and sneeze. But this problem is never happen when I am in Kerala.
    Except this I have no any other disease
    Looking for help, can you offer any suggestions? Please help.
    Thank You.

  4. my 7 years daughter has a allergic ashma. doctor said she has to take inhealer. please guide me for proper treatement for her.

  5. @Adays: What exactly did you do to improve your adult onset asthma? What do you mean by probiotics in between antibiotics…quite curious as would like to reduce my asthma as well.


  6. Hi,
    Im 25 yrs old, im suffering from asthma.
    Can any one please suggest me, which treatment best to cure?


  7. My son 2.8 years old is sufering from allergic asthma, i being an asthma patient from childhood i hope he too got effected, we have a allergy from oil foods, oil doesnt get digested and settels as mucus and troubles a lot, kindly suggest a good doctor in india for a cure.


  8. Ayurvedic medicines like sitopladi churna+ Swas kuthar ras is always going to help in asthma(in all types). For a specific treatment u need to talk to a specialist ayurvedic doctor who will see ur nadi9pulse diagnosis) and prescribe u the right kind of medicine. u cna contact me at +91 1724621567. email at

  9. @ FALGUNI need to c complete history of ur son. mail me the same.
    @ Christina- for how long is he on steroids, – steroids actually makes our lungs depend on dem…… is easily treatable. mail me at
    rest please mail all ur details specifically so dat ailment specified treatment should be given as according to Ayurveda every body and prakriti is different. TAKE Care………

  10. dear sir ,
    in 2004 i serve cough ,i have many treatment by idiopathic medicine, but it change in asthma now i an 22year old & doctor give me advise of anhelar
    please give me right treatment of asthma

  11. .My problem is that I cannot adjust with cold and dusty atmosphere when this atmosphere it is very difficult to breath at the morning(think asthma), water from nose and sneeze.Only in cold season it became more severe. Other climate .sir
    please give me right treatment

  12. I’m really glad I read this information regarding treatments for Asthma and what is available.

    My 12 year son has Asthma and sometimes when he does get an attack we tend to panic and rush to his inhaler but now I have read about alternative natural remedies we can try.

    Using honey to temporary relieve attacks was very interesting. I will certainly take this as good advice.

  13. Evening primerose is also very good for asthma and whooping cough¦etc. Leaves of Boerhavia diffusa, Baphia nitida, Cassia occidentalis, Desmodium adscendens are also used for the treatment of asthma.

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