Avocados may prevent oral cancer

Creamy rich Avocados could help in preventing mouth cancer, and may reduce the growth of pre-cancerous cells, reveals new research.

avocado fruitThe scientists at Ohio State University stated that the high levels of phytochemicals in the fruit contain health-protecting qualities, which either stop the growth of pre-cancerous cells or kill the pre-cancerous cells leaving the normal cells unaffected.

The lead author of the study, Steven D Ambrosio, says that Avocados are so full of beneficial antioxidants, including folate, vitamin C, unsaturated fats and vitamin E, and are naturally sodium free, trans-fat free, and free of unsaturated fat, that they form a healthy addition to the diet.

However, Ambrosio agrees that more research was required into benefits of Avocado and other fruits on cancer cells. Although, the study focuses on oral cancer, the findings could have implications on other types of cancer too, as these are only preliminary findings.

However, further research would be carried out in identifying vegetables and fruits and individual phyto-nutrients with cancer-preventing activity, the results of which, would be published in ňúSeminars in Cancer Biology journal.