Ayurveda adopts the digital path

Ayurveda, this week, took the digital route, to reach the global audience. The Kerala Tourism in India has launched two e-books on the ancient Indian healing system.

The e-books on Ayurveda are “Panchakarma: Ayurveda’s Mantra of Rejuvenation” and “Ayurveda: The Mantra of Niramaya”.

Panchakarama, a holistic rejuvenation therapy, combines five therapeutic actions to detoxify the body and revitalize the body system, while Niramaya is an introduction to the medicine system using texts from ancient scripts to modern research papers.

The e-books on Ayurveda targets people around the world to help them learn about age-old system of medicine, so that, they can come to Kerala and experience its health benefits, said A.P. Anil Kumar, State Tourism Minister, when launching the two e-books here.

“The Mantra of Niramaya” had won the National Tourism Award in 2003-04 for the best publication in English.

There were also other e-books being released on yoga, socio-cultural history of Kerala and yoga and healthy lifestyle.

These e-books will be available at online stores for purchase for easy reading. Purchased by Invis multimedia, these e-books will be available for easy reading on e-book readers, computer screens or mobile phones. The digitisation of the four coffee table books was sponsored by Kerala Tourism. Those purchasing the Ayurveda e-books will also get a free e-brochure on Kerala tourism.

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