Ayurveda for individuals suffering from Alzheimers

A report from London, says that a team of Indian and British Scientists have been testing the effect of traditional Ayurveda as a Alzheimers treatment. The results reveal that Ayurveda is as effective as allopathic drugs when it comes to increasing the mental alertness of the patients. 

Ayurvedic treatments involve usage of a wide variety of spices and herbs such as Aloevera, turmeric, ginger, garlic, basil etc., along with regular practice of Yoga. This combination has proved to be beneficial in treating the physical and psychological aspects of diseases.

The experts from Jadavpur University in Kolkata found that five plants on which the study was focused, helped in preventing the breakdown of neurotransmitters in the brain, and also improved concentration and memory in individuals with Alzheimers.  The work is now on, to investigate the chemical compounds in these plants, and then develop effective drugs based on those compounds. However, this process may take a few years to come. When such kinds of drugs are finally developed, the ever growing population of individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s can receive a lasting cure for their disease.

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