Ayurveda model summer diet

During this period the sun shines very brightly and in this severe heat we tend to get dehydrated much more than during any other part of the year. This reduces the kapha dosha and increases the vaat dosha in the body. So one should replace the lost fluids with sweet sharbat of dates or munakka or amla. > During Grishma or summer season our hunger is low. So we should eat less, especially at night, when we should take more liquids. 

> One should indulge in predominantly sweet & easily digestible food.
Those liking non-vegetarian food should take meat soups of various types, especially at night. 
> Overly spicy, salty and sour food should be avoided. 

> Buffalo milk with sugar should be taken at night as it has more fat content and is more sheetal than the cow milk. > Those having a preference for alcohol should try and abstain from it during this period or have it in a more diluted form. Otherwise it will produce weakness, excessive thirst and symptoms like gastritis

> Heavy exercises should be avoided. > Bath should be with cold water. 

> Ayurveda advocates diwaswaap (sleeping during the day) during the summer. In no other ritu is it permitted. > Moving in the scorching sun should be avoided, unless off course very necessary. One should cover his/her head and neck with cotton towel soaked in cold water while moving out. 

> One should not drink water immediately after moving in the sun. Ice cold water is an absolute no. In fact ice cold water should never be consumed. 

According to Ayurved giving up the causative factors is treatment. So if one stays away from outside food, stays away from the scorching heat, drinks adequate quantity of fluids he/she may stay healthy and free from summer diseases. It is hence advisable to follow the do’s and don’ts given above.