Ayurveda’s recommendations for a good night’s sleep

sleeping tips in ayurvedaWe all know that there can be nothing more refreshing and energizing, as waking up from a good nights sleep every morning. Here are some tips/suggestions from ayurveda experts to help you sleep through the night.

  •  Ensure that you finish your dinner by 8pm (keep it as light as possible) and get to bed after two hours. The temperature in the room should not be too hot or too cold. The bedroom should be neat and tidy, and go to sleep with a relaxed mind.
  • It is good to take a light stroll after dinner, as it aids digestion.
  • It is a good practice to drink a glass of warm milk, an hour prior to bed time.
  • For people who find it difficult falling asleep, any of the ayurvedic massaging oils such as Himasagaram, Thugadhrumadhi or Mahachandanadi can be applied on to the scalp, 20 minutes before bath. People with kapha constituency, can apply Asana Eladhi oil or Maricha Thailam.
  • There are certain specific medicines, oils, and choornams (powdered form of herbs) in Ayurveda that can be made a part of your daily routine for better sleep. Middle-aged people can begin including this as part of their routine, as it can improve body immunity, while also helping in better digestion. Take 10gm each of Triphala choornam, dissolved in lukewarm water, after food every night. Another suggestion is to take 10gm each of Ashta choornam, dissolved in lukewarm water before dinner.
  • For people suffering from indigestion, Ayurveda recommends the following remedy. Take Hinguvachadi choornam (10gm), Gandharvahastaadhi Kashaayam (15ml), Vaishwanara choornam (10gm), dissolved in buttermilk, to which curryleaves, turmeric, and ginger are added, and warmed.
  • Some other recommendations by ayurveda, for general well-being and good sleep are regular intake of Brahma Rasayanam, Kushmanda Rasayanam and Chyavanprash. These can be taken twice a day, after breakfast and after dinner.