Ayurveda’s recommendations to boost up body metabolism

Exercising is the best way to speed up body metabolism. Even during the rainy season, exercises can be done indoors. But caught in todays stressful lifestyles for those of you, who lack time and energy to exercise, and those who remain tied to their desks all day, here are a few alternatives from Ayurveda for improving body metabolism:

  • A glass of herbal tea made with herbs such as mint leaves, coriander leaves, tulsi and bay leaves to which two teaspoons of honey is added, when consumed regularly promotes weight loss and increases metabolism.
  • Preferably go in for a liquid diet one day every month, with adequate vegetable and fruit juice, soups, water and milk.
  • Consult an Ayurvedic physician and take guggulu everyday, a herb that aids digestion and maintains body metabolic rate. Triphala “ a formulation containing three fruits such as bibhitaki, haritaki and amla helps in detoxification, while also nourishing the nervous system and improves digestion.
  • Consume a glass of warm water to which a drop of honey is added, every morning, particularly during fluctuating temperature, as it could upset metabolism.
  • Practice Kapalbhati and Suryanadi Pranayam everyday to keep the body warm and speed body metabolism.
  • Bathing regularly in warm water helps improve body metabolism.
  • Preferably, the ideal breakfast for improving body metabolism could be a cereal with skimmed mild, a grapefruit, skimmed milk, apple or fruit juice.
  • Add ginger to all food ingredients for better digestion. Preferably, consume one tsp. of ginger powder after lunch.


  1. Thanks for the great info! I take guggul, haritaki, and amalaki every day! The other tips and hints to keep your ama stoked are also amazing. I will incorporate some more of these into my daily routine.

    There are some strange [tag] tags around some of your keywords, and it is showing in your post. Just wanted to let you know!

  2. thanks for the infprmation provided. its really helpful. i’ve incorporated using ginger in my daily diet and it really works.please keep publishing such useful info.

  3. I have a problem whenever I take my regular food my stomach becomes upset and fills with air and in the course of time I feel very frail, usually I does some stretching works in the morning for 40 minutes and consumes enough amount of water and go to toilet flushes out excreta but even then also does not feel good and the same is recurred, somebody advised me it is a vatha rog but I do not take any outside foods at all.

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