Ayurvedic drug formulation considered for Osteo-Arthritis

A trial for testing an Ayurvedic Drug Formulation for the treatment of OSteo-Arthritis (OA) was conducted under the sponsorship of CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research). Osteo-Arthritis, is caused due to breakdown of the cartilage and its eventual loss on the joints of the body. Osteo-Arthritis also known as degenerative Arthritis, affects feet, spine, hands, knees and hips. The drug formulation which is purely herbal and does not involve use of any metals is said to be tested at four places Nizamudin Institute for Medical Science (NIMS) Hyderabad, Swami Prakash Anand Ayurvedic Research Centre and KEM hospital at Mumbai, Centre for Rheumtic Diseases at Pune, and All India Institute of Medical Science(AIIMS) at New Delhi.

As an effort for development of Ayurveda, in the modern evidence based health care industry, a rigorous screening, assessment and expert evaluation had revealed that herbal based formulations are effective for degenerative metabolic disorders. This was concluded after a detailed study on Arthritis at the NMITLI involving various pharmaceutical industries and national institutions.

This project launched in 2002, is said have involved screening of about 450 Arthritic patients, out of which 30 patients have been found to have painful knees. The study was conducted at six months in random to assess the efficiency of ayurvedic herbal formulations against neutraceutical glucosamine that is commonly used for pain relief. The clinical drug trial assessments began with animals and other bench studies, as per the modern concepts of medical science. The studies indicate that Ayurvedic herbal formulation proved to be a positive control for the study in comparison to the allopathic drug. There was a positive response to the treatment on ayurvedic formulation and showed greater reduction of pain at the end of six months of treatment in comparison to neutraceutical glucosamine.