Ayurvedic drugs promises better recovery from Cancer

cancer treatment in ayurveda

Pilot studies have shown improved chances of recovery through use of Ayurvedic drugs, although it has no role in its cure. Currently, AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science) together with Ayurvedic experts have decided to study and validate the efficacy of ayurvedic drugs for cancer treatment.

Although ayurvedic experts claim that ayurvedic therapy can treat Cancer, the scientific community had so far denied it, citing lack of evidence. To clear this confusion, AIIMS is taking up a major research project together with experts from the Central Council for Research in Ayurvedic Sciences to study and validate the efficiency of Ayurvedic drugs used for treating cancer of the cervix, breast, and oral cancer among others.

Head of the Cancer division at AIIMS, G K Rath, when speaking to the media, mentioned that the large-scale project is being done following the pilot studies conducted at the institute which showed better recovery on administration of coded ayurvedic drugs, in addition to radiotherapy and chemotherapy among cancer patients, although it did not have a significant role in curing the disease.

Dr. Rath revealed that one of the pilot studies involving breast cancer patients confirmed that the Ayurvedic drugs helped in reducing side effects like nausea, hair fall, and dip in vital blood parameters.

According to Dr. Rath, In India, many people have taken to alternative therapies, and in some cases positive outcomes have been observed. But, as majority of the practitioners do not share the ingredients used in the medicines, evidence generation remains elusive.

The aim of the project is to validate the medicines prescribed as alternative therapy, as this will help standardize and exploit the potential of the therapy. While allopathic treatment has its limitations and is often associated with side effects, alternative therapies are considered safer, Dr. Rath said.

The project will also look into claims that cannabis (marijuana) helps in maintaining quality of life in cancer patients post-treatment, and eases acute and chronic radiation and chemotherapy toxicity.

Several ayurvedic and other alternative therapy practitioners give herbo-minerals (bhasm) to treat cancer. Although studies have confirmed their benefits, the quantity of the medicine or medicine dosage is yet to be established.

The healing power of Ayurvedic formulas and the principles surrounding Ayurveda are known to many who have tried them. But, only a few grasp how these individual modalities form part of a complex system of medicine that has been in existence for more than 5000 years now.

Ayurveda does not deal with treatment of physical body alone. It focuses on balancing and harmonizing all aspects of a person’s mind, body and spirit, as well as the society as a whole. There are several Ayurvedic modalities that can be used to help balance the body, mind and spirit, and Ayurvedic treatment is an excellent addition to this healing journey.