Ayurvedic Ear Massage

ayurvedic ear massageEar Massage is an effective and extremely relaxing therapy, done to reduce stress, while also promoting wellbeing, by addressing various health issues. This apart from bringing about a deep sense of peace and calmness will also be enjoyed by all.

The ear has been structured in such a detailed manner, that when the Marma (energy) points are massaged, it will bear an impact on the associated areas in the entire human body, relaying energetic information between the body organs, tissues and the mind, by balancing energy and releasing blockages. This is much above the physical level, and penetrates the body at a deeper level, where true healing takes place.

This marma point massage, forms an important part of ayurvedic healing, and is dated back to 1500BC. ËśMarma means ‘hidden’. It is a juncture in the body where two or more tissues meet. Ayurveda considers these points as intersections of vital life force and breath or prana.

The Ayurvedic ear massage, or the marma point massage, is said to have originated from an ancient martial art, wherein the fighters target the marma points of their opponents as a means to inflict pain and injury. Since then, this therapy was used in healing wounds through stimulation of areas that correspond to their injuries.

Procedure: Ayurvedic Ear Massage is done by seating the patient in a comfortably relaxed manner on the therapy couch. A small quantity of cream/oil is applied to the right ear, and a sequence of massage moves is performed. The same will be repeated on the left ear. This will be followed by a small amount of warm sesame oil being gently poured into each ear, as a process of cleansing. Finally the patient is allowed to rest for a few moments, during which Reiki is channeled by placing hands in various positions on/over head and face, to assist healing and relaxation.

Benefits: Benefits of Ayurvedic Ear Massage are that it relieves tension, boosts immune system, releases toxins, relieves pain, improves circulation, and assists all sorts of healing in the body and promotes general well-being.

Ayurvedic Ear Massage, being a holistic therapy, promotes balance and harmony throughout the body.

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