Ayurvedic Eye De-pigmenting Drops

eye-pigmentation.jpgEyes are the most vulnerable part of the body, and the skin around the eyes is the most sensitive. Apart from emotional stress and free radical assaults, environmental factors cause an adverse effect on skin. Even perfumed cosmetics could lead to eye pigmentation. This appears in the form of dark circles caused due to hyper-pigmentation, due to excess concentration of melanin around the eyes.

Ayurveda suggests the following eye creams/ eye drops as a remedy for eye de-pigmentation.

  • A drop of almond oil, gently dabbed above and under the eyes will be a good preventive measure. The fine-textured oil is easily absorbed, and gives the skin a healthy feel too.
  • Chilled chamomile tea bags can be applied, as tannic acid in the tea, has an astringent effect, and will shrink the swollen tissues.
  • Chilled cucumber slices can also be placed over the eyes, but, it works only for dark circles or pigmentation or crows feet that are only a few days old.
  • Ayurveda recommends an excellent eye de-pigmentation remedy, made by combining extracts of coconut, sandalwood oil and manjishta. For the lightening effect, mix a teaspoon of orange juice or carrot juice, and add a little honey, and apply for 15 minutes a day. 
  • Avoid usage of cheap bleaches and lightening creams that cause more damage to skin, make it look more patchy and discolored.
  • Ayurveda recommends including goat’s milk, cow’s milk, fenugreek, butter and yogurt to be added to the diet, for strengthening the eye muscles.
  • Prepare turmeric paste, and add a few drops of linseed oil to it, and apply the mixture to the pigmentation around the eyes. Wash after half an hour, using green-gram powder. This clears the black rings around eyes and provides a better countenance.
  • Most of all get a good night’s sleep, which will go a long way in restoring the lost sheen and temporary dark circles.

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