Ayurvedic Hair Restoration

hair-restoration.jpgHair restoration is now a necessity. Earlier, there was hardly any option for hair restoration, except surgery alone. But with more awareness, medical advancement, and inclination towards natural procedures, people now prefer to solve their hair loss problems without surgery. Moreover it is important to realize that most hair restoration products available in the market may not work in the same manner for all. A couple of different methods, need to be tried out, before arriving on what suits you the best.

These ayurvedic remedies prevent hair loss, and promote hair restoration in case of hair loss.

  • Supplements of Evening Primrose oil, is one alternative therapy that has been found to be useful in alleviating hair loss caused due to thyroid imbalance. Even Aromatherapy has been found effective for such a condition, wherein essential oils of lavender, rosemary, thyme and cedar wood oil are blended and applied to the scalp to encourage hair growth.
  • Bhringaraj or Brahmi oil has been used to treat hair loss due to thyroid conditions. These are applied to the scalp regularly for three months to help hair restoration. Apart from this, herbs such as Ashwagandha and Amla will be given as supplements.
  • The Indian gooseberry/Amla has been consistently showing great results. Hence Amla oil is an excellent tonic for hair growth.
  • The juice extracted from fresh leaves of Amarnath, can be applied to the scalp for hair growth and hair restoration.
  • A paste of liquorice, made by grinding liquorice pieces with milk, adding a pinch of saffron, can be applied to the bald patches at night, before retiring to bed. This is effective for hair restoration in cases of alopecia.
  • A mixture of spinach juice and lettuce, if taken up to half a litre per day, helps in hair growth.
  • Another valuable home remedy is to use seeds of black pepper and lime, grind them to a fine paste, and apply it on the patches. This stimulates hair follicles to grow strong hair and promotes hair growth and helps in hair restoration.
  • A decoction made from leaves of margosa tree will be useful, as it prevents hair loss and stabilizes them into their roots.
  • Onions have been beneficial in patchy baldness and hair loss. The onion juice stimulates hair follicles and prevents hair loss.
  • Even a good olive oil massage onto the scalp and affected area, helps conditions of mild alopecia and hair loss, promoting hair restoration.


  1. In my view ayurvedic is the only harmless solution for hair restoration. Dermatologist sometimes dont even assure restoration, they just assure further fall will stop.

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    thanks for the info, but would be better to give the source to make your articles more reliable.

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