Ayurvedic solutions for common stomach ailments

Digestive disorders need to be treated with natural solutions. Try these ayurvedic suggestions to treat common problems concerning your digestive system such as constipation, acidity, flatulence, gastritis, stomach ulcer, indigestion and diarrhoea.


  • Have ‘Haritaki’ in any form (powdered or candy sugar) everyday to reduce constipation.
  • Sennaleaves is herb used to treat this condition, but should be used sparingly, as with prolonged use, body may be unable to absorb nutrients into it effectively.
  • The leaves and roots of Nisoth (Ipomoea turpethum) are used as laxative in Ayurveda.
  • Ayurveda suggests avoiding consumption of processed foods, baked items made of refined flour, red meat, caffeine, dairy products and oily food.


  • Yastimadhu is an antacid that that reduces acidity and hyperacidity. It also prevents ulcer formation and relieves chest congestion.
  • Amla is popularly used in herbal remedies to relieve acidity.
  • Avoid alcohol, oily and spicy and sour food, and have fibre-rich food.


  • Ginger is easily available and is usually added to tea. Ginger is a good way to begin your day, as ginger tea cures flatulence and bloating.
  • Asfoetida can be an effective cure for flatulence if added to food or buttermilk.
  • Curd and buttermilk are a good way to reduce flatulence, but avoid fatty and rich spicy food. Curd, apart from aiding digestion, improves condition of the stomach and colon.

Stomach ulcer

  • For stomach ulcers, combination of herbs are used as cure with the common ones being formulas such as Aviptrikar Churna, Ayucid and Alsarex.
  • Certain kinds of foods stimulate eruptions of stomach ulcers. Avoid keeping your stomach empty for too long and have food in small quantities at short intervals. Consume milk to reduce stomach ulcers, while avoiding oily and spicy food.


  • Spicy food can cause ulcers in the sensitive mucosal lining or in small intestine. Gastric ulcers are usually painful causing burning stomach pain, vomiting, nausea and weight loss.
  • Generally, rice, marigold, coconut and potato are recommended. During a gastric attack, begin with water, then juices, and liquid food without spices, and after a few days, consume solid food with vegetables and fruits.
  • Licorice root is traditionally used to soothe inflammation and injury in the stomach. Take a teaspoon of this powder and mix with ghee and add a teaspoon of honey and consume. Take twice daily on an empty stomach.
  • Dhaatri loha, Sukumaara ghrita and Sootasekhara rasa are some ayurvedic medicines used.


  • The herbs generally used for gas and indigestion are Amla (Indian gooseberry), ajwain (carom seeds), black pepper, clove and ginger.
  • Cleanse your stomach with water and juices to flush out the toxins. It is suggested to follow a fruit diet to ease the stomach. Then you can consume vegetables, whole grains and nuts.


  • Some popular ayurvedic formulations for Diarrhoea are Sanjivani Vati, Diarex, Kalingaadi Vati, Kutajarishta and Mustarishta.
  • Take care to replenish the liquid loss, by consuming vegetable soups and liquid food.

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