Ayurvedic treatment for baldness

Is that a broad forehead or a receding hairline? Is that a now familiar line to you? Worried about impending baldness? Sanjay Lele, our ayurvedic expert gives you the causes of baldness and ways to prevent that receding hairline. Talking too much for instance is one of the causes according to him. Read on. 

Baldness is a problem even many young people face today, thanks to the modern lifestyle. According to Ayurveda avoiding the causative factors is treatment. Below are some of the factors leading to baldness. Baldness is caused due to:
¢ Exposure to fumes
¢ Exposure to sun and dew
¢ Sleeping too much or too less
¢ Mental stress
¢ Crying or preventing tears
¢ Drinking lot of water or alcohol
¢ Talking too much.
¢ Very spicy, salty food also may cause baldness, along with graying of hair
¢ It may be a hereditary problem too 

It follows that baldness can be prevented by:
¢ Not exposing oneself to extremes of climate.
¢ Sleeping during the day should be avoided unless one is working through the night.
¢ Mental stress should be controlled preferably through yoga.
¢ One should also control his / her emotions.
¢ Alcohol and tobacco should be avoided.
¢ Food should not be very spicy, salty or heavy.
¢ Dinner should be taken before 8 pm so that by the time he / she goes to sleep, there is a feeling of lightness in the body. 
Proper hair-care should be taken:
¢ Hair should never be washed with hot water, but always with water at room temperature.
¢ Simple coconut oil should be used for the scalp. It should not be applied very vigorously. 

If one follows these rules then the need for all those fancy and expensive shampoos does not arise. 

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