Ayurvedic treatments with Honey

Honey helps in converting fructose to glucose, and hence honey is easily digestible. Honey improves functioning of intestines and kidneys and is beneficial for combating constipation and helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar can be taken in the ratio of 1:1 and diluted with water. This is an effective remedy for indigestion. For most common stomach ailments consuming about 10gms of honey on an empty stomach in the morning (atleast an hour before breakfast) can find relief from the disorders.

Through regular use of honey, the white blood corpuscles get strengthened and hence the body gets sufficient immunity to fight viral and bacterial diseases. Honey also has plenty of iron content and hence is an effective cure for anemia. In addition, it facilitates blood circulation and protects against arteriosclerosis and capillary problems.

Two teaspoons of honey taken during meals, prevents migraine attacks. One dessert spoon of honey can also be mixed in half glass of lukewarm water when the migraine starts and the process can be repeated after twenty minutes as and when necessary.

A cup of warm milk to which a teaspoon of honey is added can be had at bed time regularly to prevent insomnia.

A teaspoon of honey should be essentially consumed after 50 years of age as it prevents osteoporosis and aids calcium utilization.

Licking honey mixed with extract of boiled rice is found to be beneficial in curing partial facial paralysis.

One teaspoon each of honey, cumin powder and ginger juice can be mixed together and consumed twice a day. This is found to lower high blood pressure.

Gargling early in the morning with warm water to which a tsp. of honey and cinnamon powder are added, helps in avoiding bad breath all through the day.

For people suffering from alopecia or hair loss, application of a paste made by combining hot olive oil, honey (1 tbsp) and cinnamon powder (1 tsp), keeping it for about fifteen minutes and then washing the hair will help arrest hair loss.

Cinnamon powder and honey taken in equal parts when consumed regularly restores mild loss of hearing during old age.