Bariatric Yoga – After weight-loss surgeries

Apart from reducing stress and increasing flexibility, yoga can now help patients who have undergone weight loss surgery to connect with their new bodies.

A particular form of yoga known as Bariatric yoga is, in other words, a gentle Hatha yoga meant for individuals who have undergone a weight loss surgery and are willing to work on fitness and flexibility.

The factor of concentration in yoga and the meditation-both combined together, instills a feeling that they can take on the world, and carry on with their works and schedules while also being in their own body, and people do much better when it is just not just a physical exercise.

A student of Bariatric Yoga, Karleen, mentions that as meditation helps her relax, she is not tempted towards stress-related snacking and has more energy too. Bariatric yoga also keeps her more flexible, and she is able to do other exercises as well. She adds that Bariatric yoga has helped her lose 101 inches a year and she feels rejuvenated by the end of the day.