Beauty tips with hibiscus from Ayurveda

These are some beauty tips secured from ayurvedic practice. Here’s how the simple hibiscus flower can be used as a beauty aid.

  1.  hibiscusAdd five petals of hibiscus flower to boiled water and leave on for half an hour. Then strain the water, add a teaspoon of honey, or a pinch of sugar and drink. When used on long-term, it enhances complexion.
  2. Hibiscus is a wonderful plant for hair growth. Add crushed petals and leaves of hibiscus to hair oil. Heat the oil mildly and apply to scalp before shower. This aids hair growth.
  3. The leaves of hibiscus plant can be crushed and juiced out. This can be used regularly as mild natural shampoo conditioner. It can also be used with brahmi and amla extracts. Hibiscus has long been used for babies as mild shampoo.
  4. The root of hibiscus plant can be crushed and applied as balm on burns for immediate relief.
  5. Hibiscus flower acts as natural dye for hair when used regularly.
  6. Hibiscus oil can be applied to skin of patients suffering from cellulite, and this makes their skin glow.
  7. The ash obtained by burning the leaves and flower of hibiscus flower can be applied to eyebrows, for darkening them.
  8. In ancient times, hibiscus extract was used to produce perfumes and refreshing balms.
  9. The juice obtained from petals of hibiscus flower is used as shoe-blackening and mascara.
  10. Combine henna powder with lime tea, and flowers of red and white hibiscus to make a paste. Leave it overnight in an iron pot. Thicken it with egg and apply on to hair. Allow the mixture to remain on hair for 3 to 4 hours before rinsing it. This can help prevent premature greying of hair caused due to lack of protein.

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