Best home remedies for ear ache

People seek simple home remedies for minor pain and ailments rather than rushing to the physician or popping a pill. Few such simple effective herbal home remedies which could be can ease common ear ache are:

Ear Ache RemediesAjwain (Bishop’s Weed): Boil three grams of ajwain with crushed garlic in 30 to 40ml of sesame oil until the garlic and seeds turn red. Strain the mixture and cool it. This could be used as ear drops.

Clove: Saute a clove in a teaspoon of sesame oil and use the warm oil as ear drop to ease the pain, as clove is a gentle but effective pain reliever.

Garlic: Take a clove of garlic. Crush and warm it in a teaspoon of edible oil. Use the resulting mixture as ear drops.

Ginger: Gently warm ginger juice and use as ear drops. It offers effective relief from ear ache.

Tulsi (Holy Basil) “ The warm juice of tulsi leaves is a common ear ache remedy.

Almond Oil: Take a quarter spoon of sweet almond oil and heat it. When it reduces to a warm temperature, use it as ear drops and gently massage under the painful ear at the portion where the ear joins the cheek. Similar process can be done with olive oil too, as both are effective in soothing ear aches.

Parsley: Parsley oil or the juice from parsley when slightly warmed and applied on a cotton wool plug and used, can help in relieving ear ache. This is an age-old ear ache remedy.

Onion juice / Lemon juice: Warm lemon or onion juice when applied to the troublesome ear on a plug of cotton wool, heals infection and relieves pain.


  1. Wonderful job … I’m happy to hear and read about natural home remedies and I really appreciate people like you promoting healthy way of living … thank you for sharing this! Honey and garlic are very powerful weapons against many diseases … I eat garlic at least once a week and honey almost daily and have no major problem with my health…

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