Best known remedies in Ayurveda for Hypertension

One of the most common ailments of modern day is Hypertension, better known as the silent killer. Hypertension is usually asymptomatic, although few common associated symptoms may be headache, insomnia, and loss of energy. It should not be ignored and often leads to lethal complaints if left untreated.

Healthy adults have an average systolic pressure in the range of 100-140 mm HG and an average diastolic pressure falling in the range of 60-90mm Hg. Based on the readings, various stages of hypertension are recognized.

Hypertension is known as Rakthadimardha in Ayurveda, and is believed to be due to Rakthadusti (impurtities in blood). To reduce the impurities in blood, Ayurveda recommends mild purgation (Mridu Virechana) in the form of Panchakarma therapy.

Ayurvedic treatment process for Hypertension

The treatment involves Sirodhara, and medicated oil massage for a minimum of 3-7 days, followed by the mild purgation done with medicated castor oil.

The night before commencing the treatment, the patient is given rice porridge, together with cooked vegetables or green-gram for dinner. The next morning at 5.30am, the medicated castor oil is administered together with milk, followed by a cup of luke warm water, which helps in bowel movement. Thereafter, at about 10 am, rice porridge is administered, which helps in getting rid of any tiredness.

The entire day (for both breakfast and lunch), the patient will be given only rice porridge or curd rice. This is being done for detoxification purpose.

Ayurvedic Medications for hypertension

On completion of the panchakarma therapy, the patient can begin medications, considering the stage (level) of hypertension, the body nature of the patient etc. Few medicines usually administered for hypertension are Prasarinyadi Kashayam, Punarnavasavam, Hridayasanthi, Cap. Arjun Forte, Parthadyaristam, Gulgulupanchapala churnam, Cap. Re-Gas, Silasath Parpam, and Jalamanjari. Also, Chinchardi Kuzhambu, Vimardhanam Kuzhambu, and Prabhanjanam, is administered for external application.

Herbs recommended for hypertension

Few of the best herbs that ayurveda recommends in treating hypertension are “ Sarpagandha, Arjuna, Gokshura, Rose, Purnava, Praval Bhasma, and Triphala in powdered form.

Yoga for hypertension

Apart from this, practising Yoga, particularly the Corpse Pose is very beneficial for patients suffering from hypertension. Research has proven that this particularly form of yoga controls high blood pressure. Meditation and breathing exercises too, are essential in bringing about relaxation, and are particularly beneficial for responding to stress-induced hypertension.

However, a final work of caution to patients turning to ayurveda for hypertension treatment “ All the said measures, should be done only under proper guidance from a trained, practising physician.