Binge on mushrooms and remain slim

mushrooms reduces obesityEating mushrooms in large quantities will help prevent obesity, suggests new study. Now, keeping in mind that obesity is the main risk factor for cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and several types of cancer, this comes as good news to many of us, aged 20 and above, who are obese.

The study, led by Dr. Cheskin, Director of John Hopkins Weight Management Center, suggests that increasing the intake of low-energy density foods, particularly mushrooms, in place of high-energy foods such as ground beef, is an effective way of preventing and treating obesity.

The participants in the study were randomly chosen to receive either mushroom or beef lunch entrees for four days. The subjects they switched entrees to consume the other ingredient (mushroom or beef) the next week. Obviously, the calorie intakes were considerably higher during meat meals than during mushroom meals, a distance which averaged 420 calories and 30 more fat grams per day over the four-day test period.

The subject ratings for palatability, satiation, appetite and satiety did not differ between groups. But the most interesting part was that the subjects seemed to accept mushrooms as a palatable and more suitable culinary substitute for meat. They did not compensate for the low calorie mushroom meal by eating more food later during the day.

Based on the preliminary findings, Dr.Cheskin and team, concluded that men who substitute 4 ounce Portabella mushroom in place of a 4 ounce grilled hamburger, each time they ate a grilled hamburger, during the course of the year, and did not change anything else, could save about 18000 calories and 3000 grams of fat.