Breast Cancer patients may find relief with Chinese medicinal herbs

Use of traditional Chinese herbs, either alone, or in combination with chemotherapy treatment, may possibly protect the bone marrow and immune system of a patient suffering from breast cancer, and improve overall quality of their life, says recent reports.

More than sixty percent of women who areĀ  under chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer, report major short term side effects that include fatigue, vomiting, nausea, decreased numbers of white and red blood cells and blood platelets.

The Chinese medicinal herbs which include herbal extracts and mixture of herbal compounds are recommended to neutralize the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

A research was conducted to study the effectiveness and safety of these medicines, which involved random studies of 542 patients with breast cancer. On analysis of these data, the researchers concluded that there was no sign of any harmful effects caused by these Chinese medicinal herbs, and there was evidence which suggested that it could probably reduce the side effects associated with chemotherapy.

However, The Assistant Professor of Chinese Chochrane Center in Chengdu, China, Jing Li, has stated that they wished to conduct further trials before evaluating these traditional Chinese medicines on breast cancer patients with full confidence.

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