Broccoli for protection from UV rays and Skin Cancer

Broccoli protects against sun exposure, and the best part is you get the benefit without even having to eat it!!

A recent study, published in ˜The Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences has revealed that an extract from three-day old broccoli sprout, when rubbed on skin, gives considerable protection against burns or skin cancer caused by ultraviolet radiation.

broccoli sproutThe sulforaphane extract works not by preventing UV rays from reaching the skin, but, by building up the protective enzyme produced by skin cells. Although, this process takes a couple of days to build up the enzymes, it continues to work, even after the substance, is washed off.

Six volunteers (including men and women) were subjected to ultraviolet light by the researchers. The team then measured the redness of the skin using a chromometer, at spots covered with sulforaphane and the bare skin. Based on the dosage, sulforaphane reduced burns upto 83 percent, when compared to the bare skin spots.

Paul Talalay, lead Author, John Hopkins University, however, has clarified that this does not imply that people should consider rubbing broccoli on skin and going on sun-bathe. It is just that we have demonstrated that, in humans one can get protected against the ultraviolet light, the most common human carcinogen. This may imply that other human organs too, might be protected through stimulation of other cells with the same compound.