Caraway has medicinal values too!!

carawau herbsCaraway is another member belonging to the family of aromatic herbs, characterized by carminative properties, just as cumin, anise, fennel and dill. However, the medicinal and health benefit of Caraway is mostly ignored, and it is considered only as a flavouring agent in cookery, liqueurs, and confectionery.

Medicinal and Health benefits:

  • The seeds and oil of Caraway are used in treatment of eye infections, rheumatism, and toothaches.
  • Caraway oil is used for adding fragrance in cosmetic preparations.
  • During ancient days, Caraway was widely used as a carminative cordial.
  • Caraway was recommended for dyspepsia and symptoms pertaining to hysteria and other disorders.
  • For flatulence and indigestion, one to four drops of Caraway essential oil could be given on a lump of sugar, or a teaspoon of water. This has proven to be an effective remedy. Also, distilled caraway water has help in relieving colic and flatulence in infants too.

Despite Caraways medicinal values, during the recent past, the usage of the herb in medicine has reduced considerably, and Caraway is being used more as a flavouring agent for cooking or is administered by combining with other adjuncts or is used as a corrective agent.