Cinnamon extract proven to be beneficial for Type 2 Diabetes

The fact that ‘Cinnamon Cassia’, the dried bark of evergreen trees cultivated throughout Asia, well-known as a spice and used as a flavouring agent while cooking, has the property of lowering blood sugar levels too, is known only to a few.

During the early 2700 BC, the Chinese herbalists treated even kidney disorders and diarrhea with cinnamon. Later the practitioners of Indian Ayurvedic medicine considered cinnamon to be an excellent remedy for indigestion.

Recent research reveals that Cinnamon can help in keeping blood sugar levels under control too. The German Researchers, collected blood sample of 65 adults with type2 diabetes, who were divided into two batches. While one batch was given a capsule containing 1gm of Cinnamon powder as medication, the other batch was put on placebo. The medication was given thrice a day for four months. Towards the end of the trial period, the blood sugar levels of cinnamon users reduced by about 10%, while that of placebo users improved by only 4%.

It is said that cinnamon contains a substance called MHCP, a type of flavonoid or polyphenol, which is the main reason for such beneficial results.  Although current studies have taken into consideration only a small group of people, and the long-term benefits of cinnamon are yet to be explored, adding a bit of extra cinnamon as a part of ones daily meals for a healthier lifestyle will definitely not have an adverse effect.