Cinnamon helps control sudden surge in sugar levels

cinnamonAccording to a new study, cinnamon helps in reducing the health concern associated with sudden surge in blood sugar that happens on consumption of refined sugar. By adding cinnamon to desserts, the surge in blood sugar levels that normally happens immediately after consumption of sweetened foods will be reduced.

Research conducted at the Malmo University Hospital in Sweden, found that by sprinkling a big heap teaspoon of cinnamon over a bowl of rice pudding, the post-meal blood sugar rise was significantly lowered, in a group of healthy volunteers.

These findings that were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, actually strengthens the evidence from past studies that the flavourful cinnamon may be a natural way to maintain blood sugar balance in the body.

Dr.Joanna Hlebowicz along with her colleagues found that one major reason behind this could be the ability of cinnamon to slow down the rate of passage of food, from the stomach to the intestines. The researchers, though ultrasound scans, found a slower rate of digestion among the volunteers whose deserts were sprinkled with cinnamon.

Traditionally, cinnamon is a warming herb which stimulates circulations, aids in regulating high blood pressure, digestion, bleeding and relieves spasms. During ancient days, cinnamon was highly prized and considered as a gift suitable only for monarchs. Today, it is easily available, and is a flavorful addition to cookies and cakes.