Coconut Water could be the best solution to Chikungunya

coconut water for chikungunyaTwo Indian doctors in Malaysia, claim that coconut water is the best solution to the dreaded ‘chikungunya’ and several other diseases. Although coconut water may not cure diseases, it will sure help patients recover faster, they say.

Dilip Kumar, Natural Science expert, and the President of the Malaysian Dietary Supplement Association, Jagdev Singh, are of the opinion that coconut water is good for several ailments such as dysentery, typhoid, and cholera too.

Indians have placed high value in virtues of coconut oil, which has been medically proven for its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral components.

“Hence, one can also safely assume that coconut water too would have anti-viral components,” say Kumar.

Chinese physicians are said to have been already advising those afflicted with chikungunya to drink plenty of coconut water, apart from herbal or water chestnut drinks.

Pointing our and confirming this Chinese prescription, the Indian duo say that there is no vaccination against the virus that cause chikungunya, the symptoms of which are similar to that of dengue (fever associated with joint pain, fatigue and mouth ulcers).

According to Jagdev Singh, coconut water significantly helped those suffering from chikungunya, as it has been extremely good in detoxifying the liver, an organ that helps control body temperature.

The virus develops in the liver over a period of time. But, as this organ benefits from coconut water, the virus is suppressed by its presence.

Although there is no cure, once the system has the virus within it, it will come out when the time is appropriate. Hence, controlling the virus is what is required. Coconut water will help in controlling or suppressing the virus, he was quoted as saying.

Coconut water is high in potassium and other minerals. It helps fight diseases such as dysentry, cholera, typhoid and other diseases. Coconut water should be drunk everyday if possible. It is a good food substitute, explain the doctors.


  1. SIr, I appreciate the role of coconut water in controlling Chikungkunya. But the article lacks weightage as it is just opinion of two doctors. Any how I have been reading your blog. Its really informative. Thank u very much.

  2. very good article which will definitly provide useful treatment from chikengunia, which is a serious problem in india.

  3. Actually Chickengunia is viral infection and there is presently no any remeady,but let me tell you one thing very frankly,after having selective diet ,there it has shown drastic fall of chicken gunia symptoms,The content of Diet are,
    Use of Ghee(Manufactured in home only)8-10 tea spoonful daily,
    Buttermilk(prepared from fresh milk with only five percent of additional water),1 amla fruit(Emblica officinalis)daily,5 wet almonds(kept overnight in ghee), two pieces of dry angir,green vegitables two times,One coconut water,In the morning Honey,lemon,hot water,
    Additionally yoga therapies are also beneficial,
    Trust me ,If you are being infected by Chicken gunia and got Initial Treatment, then please dont rush to Hospitals
    continuosly ,If you take mentioned diet ,it will be really helpful to you, it is expensive obviously but much cheaper than medicenes,It really works.

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