Combination of herbal extracts found effective in treating Hepatitis B

In a research undertaken by the Chennai Hospital, dialysis performed with a combination of herbs had proven effective in treating a condition of acute Hepatitis B viral infection.

The extracts from a combination of herbs, such as ‘tulsi‘, ‘neem‘ and ‘phyllantus’ were infused into the patients through the routine procedure of dialysis, and the patients recorded significant drop in viral load. On completion of the dialysis sessions, which lasted for a period of six months, it was found that the Hepatitis B virus was completely eliminated from the body.

The research was conducted through a combination of Ayurvedic healing principles with dialysis procedures of modern medicine in an immunologic setting. However, the dosage of herbal medicine for each session of dialysis was determined by an Ayurvedic physician at the hospital.

Dt. Ravichandran, Chief Nephrologist Consultant, St. Thomas Hospital, Chennai, says that, the end result of the three years of research is the successful adoption of reverse osmosis technology which facilitates herbal extracts to pass through the skin barrier and reach bloodstream. The infusion was successful in stimulating T cells to produce natural interferon so that the viral load got reduced.

In another pivot case study, a 27-year old patient who suffered from Hepatitis B, with the blood count being as low as 30,000 (instead of 2-4 lakhs), was initially subjected to a Radiation Oncologist for low dose splenic radiation. After his platelet count increased to one lakh, he was subjected to herbal dialysis.

After completion of a series of dialysis his viral load dropped from 21 lakhs to 1250 copies, and the haemoglobin level picked up to 13. After two such schedules of herbal dialysis, his blood test turned negative for hepatitis virus.

Inspired by the success, few other patients too were treated in a similar manner, and the entire procedure proved to be ten times cheaper than the routine dialysis and medication.


  1. please. i have just being diagnosed as having passive chronic hepatitis and i need advice as how to get medicine and treat it.

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  5. pls tell me the trade name of the drug which contains a ombination of tulsi,neem,&Bhuiamala For HBsAg positive patient

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