Consuming apples during pregnancy may lead to Asthma-free babies

Eating Apples during pregnancy helps protect children against allergic diseases and asthma, suggests a new study.

pregnancy and appleThe study conducted by University of Aberdeen, UK, found that children of mothers, who ate plenty of apples during pregnancy, were less prone to wheezing or Asthma, in comparison to mothers who had hardly consumed apples. 

The researchers carried out studies among 1212 children born to women who had filled up food questionnaires during their pregnancy period. Again once these children turned five, the mothers had to fill up another questionnaire about the children’s respiratory symptoms, allergies, and food consumption.

The children were also subjected to lung function test and allergy tests. The studies of these children showed evidence for protective effects of vitamin D and E and zinc during pregnancy, which reduces the risk of wheezing and asthma.

Researchers recommend that dietary modifications during pregnancy may help prevent childhood allergies, asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Researchers are also of the opinion that the powerful antioxidants present in apple, called flavonoids appears beneficial in protection against risk of Asthma.


  1. Asthma is allergic condition as abnormal body reaction toward a substance, such as parasite, dust, animals fur, chemical, steam, perfume, certain food or medicine. Microbes in nose and throat also probably affect asthma attack. Meanwhile, it probably develops gradually during inflammation attack in throat or starts suddenly when the one gets stimulating substance. Firstly, the one has speedy feel in chest. This feel subsides in one-two hours or constantly for hours or days. Finally, the sudden attack loosens curdle phlegm and open air ducts. To keep fine, the sufferers of asthma must keep calm and not express their feel too excessively because it makes them more difficult to breathe.

    These are some suggestions for this case:
    What needs to be avoided in order no to be suffereded by this asthma?
    1. Avoid the allergen, which causes the endless sneeze or cough.
    2. Heal the allergy to NORMALIZATION because it is the most effective way.
    3. Avoid doing the heavy work and the hurried condition.
    4. Do not let the children play and run too much.
    5. Avoid the ˜cheap food, because its substance may not be properly eaten, which can cause the endless cough.
    6. Avoid the pollution and the dirty air continuously, for (example): staying in around the ash can or the polluting factory.

    What should do if someone is too late having the asthma pain?
    1. Normalizationwill be very helpful to heal more permanently.
    2. Follow the suggestion for the sufferers of allergy and cough in the previous chapter.
    3. Avoid the very stimulating food and smell.
    4. The cold beverages and air need to be avoided.
    5. Do the light sport, especially to weaken in the part of the chest, the
    back and the stomach. Balance the respiration of the stomach and the chest. .
    6. Pay attention to the body symptom when it will relapse. This information will very help the process of healing.



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