Cure with honey for Cardiac Ailments, Obesity, Cancer and Fatigue

The paste of honey and cinnamon powder when consumed regularly, either as a drink, or when clubbed with food, reduce cholesterol in the arteries and decreases the risk for heart attack. Regular use also relieves breathlessness and strengthens heartbeats.

Studies indicate that arteries and veins gets clogged when the flexibility is reduced. Honey improves blood flow. When combined with warm water, honey diffuses into the bloodstream in a few minutes time. Hence honey can be included in the regular diet for prevention of Arteriosclerosis, hypertension, stroke and all cardiac ailments.

Honey is said to be the best remedy for weight loss. Few drops of honey and cinnamon powder can be added to lukewarm water and consumed early in the morning on an empty stomach or at bed time. This when done regularly is a good treatment for dealing with obesity. The calorie content present in honey is low. In comparison to sugar, honey adds lesser calories to the body, and hence though it provides energy to the body, it does not boost calories in the body.

Research in Australia and Japan has revealed that stomach and bone cancer can be treated successfully by use of honey. Patients suffering from Cancer can include a mixture of honey and cinnamon in their regular diet schedule taking it atleast thrice a day. It is said to work to their advantage.

As mentioned earlier, the sugar content present in honey provides more energy and less calories, and hence does more good than bad to ones body. Researches indicate that Senior Citizens who have been regularly consuming honey are more alert and flexible. When half a tablespoon of honey is taken in a glass of water, to which cinnamon powder is sprinkled, every morning on empty stomach and then again during late afternoon, increases the vitality of the body.

As honey gets easily absorbed in blood, it is an instant energy booster after a days hard work. Even drinking lukewarm water to which a teaspoon of honey is added, provides body with glucose and fructose and gets absorbed easily in the digestive system.