Dandruff remedies

According to Ayurvedic principle, the condition of ones hair reflects the constitution of the individual. For instance, an individual with Vata constitution will have coarse, dry and dark hair that are prone to dandruff and split ends, while Pitta constitution individuals have light brown hair that is prone to premature greying, and appears silky, while individuals with Kapha constitution have thick, shiny and wavy hair. The health of hair is dependent mainly on two factors; lifestyle and diet. Deficiency of vitamins, illness, poor diet, dandruff etc., will lead to dull hair and hair loss.

According to Ayurveda, this is caused due to aggravation of Vata. A few easy and simple tips for dandruff prevention are:

  • A teaspoon of camphor can be added to neem oil or coconut oil, and massaged into the scalp at bed time.
  • One teaspoon each of coconut, mustard and castor oil can be mixed and massaged into the scalp.
  • One part of lemon juice can be added to two parts of coconut oil and massaged into the scalp.
    These can be washed after three to four hours or left overnight.


  1. I think coconut oil is an amazing remedy for overall health and nourishment of the hair, not only to prevent dandruff, but also hair fall, thinning of hair, split ends plus to replenish hair supplements for people who have coloured hair. the above home-made remedies are really useful but maybe u can use the following remedies too.. they reallyy work wonders if followed regularly.. and the best part is that its completely natural!! so go on and try it out.. nothing to lose really..

    tip 1- use a few hibiscus flowers in coconut oil and boil till its mild enough for hair application(Over-boiling can harm the hair!). Filter this in a strainer and gently apply onto scalp with your fingertips (rigourous application can cause hair fall).

    tip2- The juices of curry leaves, basil, hibiscus flower and gooseberry boiled along with good old coconut oil is very useful too. Apply this concoction to hair, keep it on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

    Most of all dont forget to do a steam wrap after application to help open ur pores and absorb the goodness of all these ingredients!!

    Also there’s this useful portal for all those of u who care about ur hair- http://healthyhaircareonline.com/
    it has loads of info on myths about hair care and other tips.. so log on and feel ur hair soft around u!!

  2. heyy ria.. i think those are some great tips for hair care!! I truly beleive in coconut oil as the best remedy for healthy hair. Its fast, easy and hassle-free.. does wonders for a good, rejuvenating sleep and best of all, its natural.. no harmful chemicals involved.
    Moreover since Holi is comin up, i strongly recommend u use coconut oil before playing as this helps protect hair from damage by harmful substances in the colours of holi!! So keep ur hair healthy with coconut oil and have a happy Holi!!

  3. i have a 9 year old daughter.she is having soooo much dandruff at her head.i tried the ingrediants curry leaf,fenugreek,henna,tulasi,amla,badam oil seasame oil this all mixed vth coconut oil and boiled.but its the same for her.i feel sad for her,can any one help me to remove my daughter problem

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