Effect of Herbs and Spices in balancing Tridosha

Herbs and human health are interlinked to each other. Vegetables and fruits can be included in the category of herbs that are essential for good health in humans. Spices are substances that actually enhance the flavour of food, though the spices are considered as herbs with more medicinal values. A few such herbs and spices, their benefits and impact on Tridosha are given below.

Anise Seed “ is a detoxifying agent that helps in promoting digestion. It increases Pitta, while simultaneously decreasing Vata and Kapha.

Black Pepper “ aids digestion, increases Pitta, relieves Kapha and stimulates Vata.

Cardamom “ Is considered as good for heart. It promotes digestion and removes bad mouth odour. When taken in excess it could stimulate Pitta, but helps in attaining relief from Vata and Kapha.

Celery Seed “ Helps in relieving nausea. It increases Pitta, while decreasing Vata and Kapha.

Cinnamon “ Relieves thirst, mouth dryness and stimulates salivation. It decreases Pitta and Vata, but stimulates Kapha.

Clove “ Improves taste and adds flavour to food and promotes digestion. However, it increases Pitta, but decreases Vata and Kapha.

Corriander Seeds “ Provides relief from urinary infections, increases Kapha and Vata, while relieving Pitta.

Cumin “ It Relieves Diarrhea and aids digestion. It decreases Kapha and Vata, but stimulates Pitta.

Fenugreek seeds “ Is a helpful remedy for relief from Arthritis and fever. On excess consumption, it increases Pitta and Vata, while decreasing Kapha.

Garlic “ Is a good remedy for relief from cough and intestinal worms. It decreases Kapha and Vata, while increasing Pitta in the body.

Mustard seeds “ Helps in obtaining relief from muscular pain, increases pitta and decreases Vata and Kapha.

Ginger powder – is a good detoxifying agent, which promotes digestion. When consumed in excess, it increases Pitta, but relieves Vata and Kapha.

Turmeric “ Helps in diabetes and promotes digestion. It increases Vata and Pitta when taken in excess, but relieves Kapha.