Effective herbs for Dengue fever

Dengue fever is a disease generally caused by family of viruses that are transmitted by Mosquitoes. Dengue outbreaks are generally prevalent in tropics and subtropical regions. However, outbreaks have also occurred in the Caribbean, Cuba, the United States, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Paraguay and Costa Rica.

General symptoms include headache, fever, tiredness, joint and muscle pain, swollen glands and rash. The presence of fever, rash and headache is particularly characteristic of dengue fever.

As dengue fever is caused by a virus, a specific allopathic medicine or an antibiotic may not treat it. The treatment involves relief from the symptoms. The phase of fever lasts from one to two weeks. However, the best way to keep away from dengue fever is to control or eradicate mosquitoes carrying the viruses causing dengue.

In India, there have been reports that a particular herb called ‘Chiretta herb’ (Swertia chirata) is being taken by many as a preventive measure, to remain fit for the whole season, when the fever is rampant. The herb is consumed by all members in a family.

Explaining this fact, an Ayurvedic expert, Naveen Kumar, recently said that Chirata is an effective drug for reducing fever, particularly malaria and dengue. It is excellent for strengthening the digestive system and is also used in treating stomach ailments like dyspepsia and diarrhoea. It also helps in destroying intestinal worms.

dengue fever remediesAyurvedic experts treat patients by administering syrup which is basically Chirata mixed with honey, turmeric, ginger, ashwagandha, neem, giloy and other herbs. The herb apart from curing fever also controls diabetes.

The root of the herb is useful in curing hiccups and vomiting. The herb is also used in treating a range of other diseases and conditions including leucoderma, neuro-muscular disorders, urinary tract diseases, scabies, ulcer, jaundice, anaemia, heart disease, asthma, and cough.

Tinospora Codifolia (Giloy or Amrita), is another anti-inflammatory and antipyretic herb, commonly used in Ayurvedic Rasayanas since ages. It is very helpful in building up of the immune system and body’s defense against infecting organisms. Studies have proven the herbs ability in improving the killing ability of macrophages, responsible for fighting foreign bodies and micro-organisms.

There is no specific diet regimen to be taken during dengue fever, but patients are generally advised to take non-irritant liquid diet. As back-pain is a strong symptom associated with dengue fever, patients are advised hot pack therapy. For constipation, which may also be an associated symptom, Isabgole husk (1 tsp) is mixed with hot mil. The patient will have to be in complete bed rest as long as there is fever and pain.

Another popular Ayurvedic treatment recommended for relief from dengue is to mix 375mg powder of Saunth (dry ginger powder) with 125mg of Hinguleshwar in a single dose. Take this mixed with tea or hot water and repeat every three hours. If the body temperature is very high, apply cold compresses to the fore-head, and take complete rest till the patient is cured.

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