Effective measures to prevent aging of your skin

skin agingHere are few basic facts and tips too hard to be ignored by those yearning for a healthy, glowing, younger-looking skin.

Plant compounds or flavonoids prevent ageing of the skin due to sun exposure. These flavonoids are found plenty in hot chocolate, red wine and tea. This fact has been confirmed during a study involving 24 women, who were exposed to sunlamps to burn small patches of their skin by German scientists, to measure the subsequent redness (which roughens and dulls skin over time). After 12 weeks, if was found that half the women, who consumed 329mg of flavonoids showed 25% less redness from second exposure to sun, than others. According to researchers, flavonoids work by enhancing blood flow to the skin.

Washing face before retiring to bed at night, is an absolute must, as the practice helps in gaining a younger looking skin. In a recent study by British Skin Foundation, it has been found that atleast 50% of women still dont wash their faces at night, a practice that could hasten the ageing process. The dirt, excess oil and make-up left overnight enlarges pores and irritates dry skin, says Robin Ashoff, dermatologist, Hackensack University Medical Center, US. However, the cleansing should be done using a mild cleanser.

Oranges are an excellent source for a glowing skin, while also tackling premature aging. According to beauty expert Dr. Blossam Kochhar, having an orange as a whole fruit or drinking its juice provides all health benefits, including, detoxification of blood, strengthening muscles and in keeping wrinkles and dermatitis at bay. One orange contains 130gms of skin-healthy Vitamin C.

Other fruit-remedies that are great packs for softer, younger, hands and feet are:

Mix the juice of pomegranate with soya flour, so as to make a paste. Wash hands and feet with warm water and a mild handwash. Apply the paste on hands and feet and leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

Make a paste of ripe papaya and mashed apples. Clean hands and feet with warm water, followed by a massage with sunflower oil. Then apply the paste and leave on for 20 minutes and rinse.

Over and above this, a healthy diet, regular exercise and good skin-care are basics for keeping the skin young and glowing. Increasing intake of anti-oxidants by consuming more of green and coloured fruits and salads and exercising regularly for 30-40 minutes a day renders healthy skin. Including meditation for atleast 10minutes a day helps in relaxing muscles, reducing stress levels and toxins that contribute to ageing.

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    Just would like to say that eating dark green vegetables high in anti-oxidants also gives some measure of protection against sun damage. They contain a substance called Lutein which helps sheild the UV rays.

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