Effective yoga poses that tackle hypertension and diabetes

Although you are aware by now, that yoga helps in dealing with various ailments from stress to arthritis, you also ought to know that there are certain specific yoga poses that are beneficial in handling certain specific health issues. Mentioned below are some of such specific yoga poses that can help you in effectively dealing with hypertension and diabetes, the two common lifestyle diseases noticed among youngsters today.

Yoga postures for diabetics

Practise of yoga on daily basis can actually help you in preventing the onset of this chronic condition. However, practice of these yoga asanas can help in improving insulin sensitivity and in lowering blood sugar levels, while also stimulating and detoxifying all your internal organs. One of the main reasons for increase in blood sugar is when your body releases stress hormones, and yoga can help in calming stress levels effectively. Some yoga postures that can help you in keeping blood sugar level balanced are:



Gomukhasana induces relaxation, stimulates kidneys, stretches the muscles of lower back, buttocks and knees, while the pelvic and reproductive organs are toned and massaged well by regular practice of Gokhumakasana, which is considered highly beneficial in tackling diabetes, high blood pressure and sexual malfunction.

Ardha matsyendrasana

Ardha matsyendrasana is considered a boon for diabetics, as regular practice of this yoga pose helps to instruct the beta cells of pancreas to secrete more insulin, as this posture particularly stimulates the pancreas. Secretion of insulin stabilizes sugar levels in blood, and hence, is beneficial in diabetes.


When performing Paschimottanasana, the abdominal organs are highly benefitted. It stimulates the manipura chakra and life energy, increases blood supply in the back, stretches the muscles of back and along the back of the legs. It also activates pancreas and kidney functioning, and hence controls weight and keeps diabetes at bay.


Any yoga which gently compresses the organs beneath the abdomen, intestine, liver and pancrease, makes the organ to begin functioning as expected, and hence, in-turn, keeps blood sugar levels normal. Sarvangasana also gently massages the thyroid and parathyroid glands by its firm chin-lock. This gentle massage increases fresh blood circulation to the glands and helps it work to its full efficacy.

Halasana, Adho Mukho Snavasana, and Malasana are the other useful poses for diabetics, and those aiming to keep diabetes at bay.

Yoga postures for hypertension

Hypertension is also referred to as ‘high blood pressure’ and this has grown to be one of the silent killers of the modern era. Hence, if your blood pressure is on the higher side, you may try one of these yoga poses to keep hypertension under check.


If you are suffering from hypertension, your arteries are likely to contract, which may lead to heart attack or stroke. Therefore, forward-bending poses like paschimottanasana can help keep arteries flexible and lower blood pressure naturally.


Relaxation poses like shavasana or corpse pose, relieves muscle tension and releases stress, hence it is excellent to lower blood pressure.


Hypertension may result in anxiety and anger, and hence, helps free your mind of unnecessary clutter that breeds anxiety. It helps flush-out toxins, which in turn helps relieve stress.

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

This yoga pose is a great way to calm the mind. The pranayama lessens anxiety and slows down your heart-rate, lowering blood pressure and balancing the immune and endocrine systems.

Adho mukha svanasana

This is also known as ‘downward facing dog’, and is a great posture in relieving stress and tension from your shoulders and entire back.


Also known as bridge pose, it helps improve blood circulation, improves concentration, and reduces stress and tension.

Other sitting postures like Sukhasana, can also have a therapeutic effect, for people with hypertension, and helps in calming your mind and body.