Even fruits can contribute to obesity!

fruits-obesity.jpgHere’s another theory to prove that consuming excess of anything, even if it is the healthier option such as fruits, could leave a negative impact on the body.

A study has confirmed that fructose, the natural sugar found in fruits, can also contribute to obesity. Most fruits contain high sugar content, and munching them all day, may eventually lead to obesity, particularly in the abdominal area.

A nutritionist and diet consultant at Fitness One, Lekha Ahuja, explains that there exists a difference between foods with sugar content and fattening food. For instance fruits such as the apples, oranges, pears, bananas and others may not be fattening, but have plenty of natural sugar content in them, which is good, when consumed in moderation. However, the problem arises when one exceeds the recommended serving of 1-3 pieces a day.

The other items that one needs to keep a tab on, are, the jams and juices, which also carry high fructose content. Although people feel that they are on the safer side when opting for a fresh fruit juice, rather than soft drinks, they are actually continuing to add up fat.

A general physician and nutrition consultant at Wellness Hospital, Dr. Dhiraj Palena, has mentioned that fruit juices contain the same quantity of carbohydrates and energy, as in sweetened cold drinks. In fact, a typical fruit juice contains 11.5g of carbohydrate per 100ml, while a sweetened cold drink contains 10.3g per 100ml. Although fruit juices include additional fibre and vitamins, energy and carbohydrates are identical.

According to Lekha, by adding artificial sweeteners to the otherwise naturally sweet fruit juices, people are inviting trouble. A fruit by itself is not harmful. But when sugar is added to fruits in salad or juices, the sugar levels in that particular dish becomes high, causing fattening problems. However, eating a fruit that has vital nutrients, keeping the skin on, will balance the sugar content.

However, although fruits may be as fattening as junk food, it should be noted that fructose found in fruit is less harmful than sucrose (table sugar). Sucrose actually makes bodies go out of sync, as the sugar gets processed in the body very quickly, while fructose on the other hand, is broken down slowly, giving the body more time to react.