Ever heard of Coconut Caress?

coconut-massage.jpgWith increasing numbers of Spas relying on nature for beauty treatments, this article describes the unique procedure of ‘Coconut Caress’ – scrub-sauna-massage, offered in a Spa in Chennai, India, which helps one emerge radiant, removing all impurities of the skin, while also enjoying a wonderful luxurious massage.

Procedure: The treatment begins with a scrub prepared with sugar cane, blended with freshly grated coconut and sweet cardamom. This is rubbed onto the body in circular movements for about twenty minutes. Thereafter, the body will be engulfed with warm banana leaves, which induces sweating. This is followed by further steaming of about 10 minutes at the sauna, followed by a refreshing shower, which rinses off the scrub. The whole process is completed by a relaxing massage with vettiver and cardamom lotion and a refreshing health drink made of green tea, pineapple, strawberry, lemon and grapes. The entire process takes about an hour.

Benefits: Though, it sounds luxurious, this is what a stressed and tried body requires at the end of the day, agrees customers who have benefited from the ‘Coconut Caress’ treatment. While the freshly grated coconut and sweet cardamom, works like a body polish, the banana leaf and steam renders smoothness to the body, removing all impurities. The cardamom-vettiver lotion massage helps soften the skin.

The scrub helps exfoliate dead skin cells and hydrates the skin with the goodness of coconut. Although, it is considered ideal for dry skin, it will definitely not make the skin look like being dipped in oil. It also gives instant gratification to a tired body, leaving one with a radiant skin.

The greatest attribute of using coconut as an exfoliate is that it is not too abrasive, and the hydrating and conditioning effect, and the benefits of vitamin nutrients derived, makes the skin feel silky and smooth. The deliciously scented body scrub makes the skin feel great and delightful.

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