Ever secretly wondered what colon cleansing feel like?

It is probably the most infamous therapy that everyone wants to try but its just that little bit scary that not many got thought with it. I mean what could be more embarrassing than watching your most private function pass you by in a transparent tube? I headed down to the Dubai Herbal and Treatment centre to embrace colon therapy!

What is colon therapy?

A detoxifying and cleansing process using water to remove embedded waste and toxins from the large intestine. The process involves fresh warm water being flushed into your colon through a small tube and gently flushed out again. It has many health benefits including restoring regular bowel movement improving the appearance of skin, reducing indigestion and helping to improve symptoms to allergies such as asthma and eczema.

The process and feel

You are weighed and measured for height, body mass, blood pressure and generally checked over. In my case this was done by Dr. Rani, who is a general practitioner, Ayurveda therapist, yoga therapist and colon expert.

The room is clean and pleasant and feels like doctors surgery at home. I change into my robe in the fully equipped shower room and start to panic at the thought of what lied ahead. Doctor reassures me all will be fine and I just need to relax. I lie on my side and take a deep breath as the tube is ˜positioned.

Slowly warm water is slowly flushed through the tube and a strange sensation fills my stomach, It is similar to the feeling of fullness you have after a big mean and need to pass on the pudding. Doctor massages my stomach to make it as comfortable as possible and also to loosen the years of rotting food that is apparently lining the walls of my intestine.

The stomach cramps begin to kick in. It hurts like a bad stomach ache and the kind that educes a cold sweat. At this point doctor releases the pressure and the process of flushing out begins. My stomach is massaged and pushed to help move the intestine walls and keep the stomach warm. I will spare you the details of the composition of the embedded matter but it is surprising to see one the less.

The process of flushing water in and out is repeated six times. Every tiem removing more and more debris that could be of some considerable age. The flushing stops when the water runs clear of after 40 minutes. The doctor then reviews the treatments success and advises you on improving your diet and eating habits.

The feeling after is one of the cleanliness and emptiness. I felt lighter and hollow and didnt have any side affects, back to work.

You can try it

If you have problems with your digestive system and suffer from stomach aches and ailments. You could be harboring a parasite. But with the modern diet and lifestyle being what it is, this is a procedure that would benefit anyone.

[Source – EmiratesToday]