Face masks that works wonders for your skin

Face masks are considered to be instant beauty treatments. They are considered to be mini facials that helps in skin tightening, reduces wrinkles, closes pores, moisturizes and exfoliates. The market is flooded with variety of face masks and one can choose a mask based on individual skin types. However, nothing to beat the home-made masks prepared with fresh natural ingredients that are easily available at home, yet doesnt burn a hole in one’s pockets. Here are a few such home-made DIY masks.

Cleansing Mask “ 3tsp of multani mitti, 1 tsp curd, ½ a tomato and 5 drops of orange essential oil can be made into a paste and applied on face. Wash off after twenty minutes.

Conditioning Mask “ 1gg white, 2tsp almond oil, 5 drops of geranium essential oil, 1 tsp cornflower and 1 tsp honey could be blended together and applied on face. Rinse with warm water after fifteen minutes.

Creamy Mask “ 1 ripe banana, 2tsp sunflower oil, 1 egg yolk, 5drops rose essential oil could be mashed together and applied on the face and washed after fifteen minutes.

Radiance Mask “ 50gms of fruits and vegetables such as apple, papaya, tomato, lettuce, and grapes could be chopped and mashed together. Add 3 drops of lemon essential oil and 2tsp of yogurt.  Wait for fifteen minutes and wash off.

However, while applying the masks care should be taken on the following points:

¢ Ensure that the mask doesnot remain in the skin for more than twenty minutes.
¢ The mask should always be applied on clean skin.
¢ While applying a mask, do not avoid the neck region. It is as important as the face.
¢ Those with sensitive skin should conduct a patch test before application of the mask.
¢ A mask should never be applied over broken or wounded skin.