Fight bad breath with Lavender

lavender-flowers.jpgHalitosis (Bad breath) could be due to numerous reasons, such as infection of the throat, lungs, stomach or gastro-intestinal tract. It could also be due to bad teeth and gums. Bad breath often indicates a defective elimination via kidneys, liver and skin.

Hence it is all the more essential for those suffering from Halitosis to main a clean, odorless mouth, by brushing their teeth after every meal. Food could build-up tartar and plaque. This, coupled with a poor brushing technique, would make u run to your dentist, who could explain the correct method of cleaning the teeth and gums. It is also important to floss after every meal, to remove building of plaque under the gums and between the teeth, resulting in a horrible odour.

Here’s a simple homemade mouthwash. Take 100ml of water, with two drops of pure lavender essential oil. Shake the bottle well. Take a teaspoon of the mixed liquid and swill around the mouth and spit out. However, take care not to drink fluids immediately after this, else, bacteria killing lavender could get diluted.

A teaspoon of lavender tincture too could help in reducing halitosis.

Add a drop each of Lavender essential oil, Peppermint essential oil and Thyme essential oil into a glass of warm water. Gargle thrice a deal after meals.

Add a mixture of myrrh resin, sage leaves and lavender flowers into a small amount of water, and boil. Gargle the solution, thrice a day as a remedy for bad breath.